The Finding Begins

thCAUZNSPZWelcome to my Blog “The Labyrinth Life”

Rev. Kade Curry


First Presbyterian Church Searcy AR


The idea for this blog came from a recent opportunity I had to lead Worship for a group of Sr. High Students at Mo Ranch Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center. The Theme of the camp was “Lose Yourself to Find Yourself.”

I have wrestled with this idea for some time and love the spiritual connotations of losing myself to learn myself.

I immediately thought of the ancient practice of Labyrinth walking, the walking of a maze or systematic series of pathways that lead to a “center” or “final destination”. All Labyrinths have a beginning and an ending destination however the purpose of the practice is not in the destination but in the walking…….in the journey………there is nothing keeping you from rushing to the middle…..cutting your way to the center, so you are forced to simply stay the path…………. and even more the pathway regularly draws you close to the center then far away again and the journey continues this way for some time. And each walker……each journey……….allows for a new experience of your spiritually self.

That is where the Blog comes in……………I have a small Labyrinth that I will carry with me for 1 year. Each day I am committing to spiritually walking this Labyrinth that each day I would walk this path asking God to confirm and reconfirm over and over again……..Who I Am……… not just Who I Am……….but how I might live each day more as God created me to be.

This blog will be my daily journal through this process of Losing Myself (Who I Want to Be, Who the World Wants Me to Be) to Learn Myself (As God Would Have Me to Be)

Barbara Brown Taylor in her book titled “An Altar in the World” talks about the art of getting lost. She says that getting lost, whether it be getting lost in a book……or actually getting lost on the way to work……..or simply getting lost by trying something you’ve never tried like a new food, or new tv show, or even new blog, she says that getting lost in these ways can help your to learn yourself in new ways. The following posts will be my attempts at losing myself…………to learn myself.

Join me if you will!!!!!

Mark 8:34  “Self-sacrifice is the way, my way, to saving yourself, your true self. What good would it do to get everything you want and lose you, the real you?”


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